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  • Clean and Optimize
Clean and Optimize
(remove malware and spyware)

  Our Clean and Optimize Service typically takes about an hour to perform. After
the service you can expect to gain as much as 30% over all speed increase.

How it works:

We connect to your system using one of the remote links above and perform the
following services:

  • Verify System Restore is enabled and create a restore point.
  • Remove unwanted program entries from starting up at boot time.
  • Disable unneeeded services such as the Windows Media Player Network Sharing Service.
  • Optimize Desktop Peformance settings (disabling unwanted animations, sliders, etc...)
  • Inspect page file and system startup parameters.
  • Optimize power management settings for desktop or laptop usage.
  • Install and run CCleaner Free to clean up wasted temporary space.
  • Run System Cleanup Wizard in administrative mode to free up space left over from Windows Updates and program installations
  • Verify the presence of an antivirus solution; if one is needed, Sophos Antivirus will be recommended and installed / configured.
  • Install and Run MalwareBytes AntiMalware Free to clean up spyware, malware, and potentially unwanted programs.



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Clean and Optimize

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